Curate your most compelling, relevant consumer stories.

Browse and collect visual content from 17+ social sources, with custom filters and expert moderation to ensure that it meets your guidelines and is tagged to the right product SKUs.

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Enrich your shopping experience with dynamic imagery.

Nudge shoppers toward conversion with shoppable Instagram galleries, dynamic visual content hubs, and inspirational photo and video galleries right on your product or category pages.

FEELUNIQUE collected more than 52,000 syndicated brand reviews and photos from more than 1,250 users.

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Connect and engage with your customer community.

Use our dynamic analytics dashboard to spot the social media users who love your brand or products the most, and recruit them for future influencer programs.

Track the impact of social marketing across products or brands.

Monitor how visual content and social influencers affect your site engagement, conversion, and revenue, and maximize your marketing with the photos and videos your shoppers love the most.