At Bazaarvoice, we focus on rapid innovation to help your social, marketing, and e-commerce strategies go further with scalable user-generated content programs. Making user-generated content core to your overall approach creates a delightfully fun experience that inspires your customers to shop and as a result, increases revenue. At the core of our innovation is a focus on the biggest trends shaping e-commerce today and tomorrow — Social commerce and conversion-lifting social content. 

With Social Commerce sales expected to close out this year with a 34% growth rate — we spent the last few months shipping features that help you stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving social space. We are excited to give you a recap of feature enhancements and releases that allow you to optimize your workflows while also tying your efforts from social activities and content back to your overall revenue goals. 

Prove the value of social marketing with easy to share insights and analytics 
  • Pinterest Analytics upgrades that allow you to track and report on impressions and engagements from your Pinterest performance along with your other social media network efforts — from one place. 
  • Facebook Page and Pinterest Analytics PDF summary reporting let’s you easily share how social channels are performing to leadership/other teams that aren’t in the dashboard. So go ahead and share your social wins with reporting and analytics that prove why social media marketing rocks!  
  • Automated Facebook Email Reporting let’s users receive the Facebook PDF automatically alongside their Instagram and other eComm experience reports.
Make the most of your workday with workflows designed for productivity
  • Streams management and moderation optimization gives daily users the ability to delete streams, block an IG username, and filter for @mentions 
  • Facebook Page Tagging allows you to effortlessly search and select the proper Facebook page to include in your Facebook post. Additionally, it will save you time by reducing the need to edit the posted caption natively to tag the Facebook page. 
  • Pinterest scheduler enhancements give you new time-saving options like scheduling multiple pins in bulk and publishing appealing and newly supported video and carousel content. 
Continue to integrate your user experience with the rest of your BV solutions

As we continue to integrate Curalate features with the Bazaarvoice platform, we replaced most references to Curalate with ‘Social Commerce’. You’ve probably also seen some changes to the color scheme, among other minor visual changes. However, these changes should not affect your user experience, and all current URLs will not change.

What’s Next for the Bazaarvoice Social Commerce suite

2022 will be full of new and better ways to engage and delight your customers with additional social media scheduling, innovative social and e-commerce galleries, and an ever-growing retailer network that is ready to showcase your competition-crushing brand, influencer, and user-generated content. 

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