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We’ve just released a new filter for the Find Media page. You can now filter all visual content that @mentions your brand to prioritize the content and automatically request rights within the Social Commerce solution. This enhancement helps you save time by focusing your efforts on your most actionable visual content from Instagram.

This feature is for: 

  • Content moderators and brand managers that want to focus on @mentioned content. 
  • Users that publish content to Galleries but don’t have access to the brand’s Instagram account, and as a result, can’t natively request rights to the content that a person tags the brand in. This feature gives the ability to prioritize actionable @mentioned social content. 
Log in to filter for your most actionable content! 
  1. Go to your ‘Galleries’ tab
  2. Click ‘Find Media’
  3. Check box “Mentions My Brand” to filter for @mentioned content only