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When you want to get your product into shoppers’ hands to support your UGC strategy, dealing with fulfillment can feel like a bottleneck, especially if you have hard-to-ship products to trial or are on a tight deadline. 

Bazaarvoice Deals, a flexible no-ship solution, makes it easier to sample products of all types without delaying time-to-content.


Get UGC for all product types

Some products aren’t as easy to ship as others, making them harder to sample: alcohol has regulations, perishable items require refrigeration, and large items can be expensive to mail. 

Deals makes UGC generation for any product type easier because it provides flexibility:

  • Make your products available at a direct-to-consumer or retailer store in-store or online
  • Create your codes or have Bazaarvoice do the work for you


Generate UGC faster

Stocking inventory specific to the products you want to sample takes time and planning. 

Deals eliminates the need for these workflows by working with your existing fulfillment processes. With shorter campaign timelines, you get the UGC you need sooner.

On average, customers in a Deals pilot saw their first reviews on the product page within three days!


Reap even more benefits

There’s more to Deals than ease and speed. Use it to make your UGC generation programs more eco-friendly, or support your key retailers with increased foot traffic. Learn more about how you can benefit from Bazaarvoice Deals!

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