Manage everything you need to win on social from one place

Save time with our savvy suite of social publishing and insights tools. Deliver the right content at the right time to the right channels with user-friendly AI. Turn inspiring social content into shoppable experiences that convert social browsers into loyal brand buyers. Prove the impact of your social strategy on the bottom line with revenue — it’s a social team’s dream.

Optimize social publishing

Manage social content from a unified calendar

Planning, scheduling, and publishing social content across Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, X, and Pinterest just got easier with our unified calendar – beautifully designed to save you and your team time and provide ultimate control.

Our unified calendar helps you:

  • Collaborate with your teammates for smarter, faster output, and expedite approval workflows
  • Easily schedule and publish shoppable content across social sites with universal product tagging all in one place
  • Choose the optimal time to publish with our AI recommendations
  • Drag and drop posts for quick and easy rescheduling
social calendar


Smarter marketing at your fingertips

The Social Commerce AI suite is the second set of eyes brands didn’t know they needed. Curate your best social content from a single place. With one click — surface authentic user-generated content that aligns with the brand identity you carefully craft on social. Easily identify top trends and themes to optimize for social engagement. Time posts perfectly. Generate on-brand photo captions for ideation or publication. Innovate your social content strategy with confidence, and, most importantly, drive purchases with content that converts.


Sharpen your content library for shoppable social content

The Media Library is the ultimate Swiss Army Knife for shoppable social content: Intuitive, easy-to-use, and powerful, it’s the tool you want to use to get social content everywhere your shoppers are. The Media Library is the main hub for collecting, publishing, and managing social content from customers, influencers, partners, and your own brand. Manage content across various teams, organizations, and partners, plus sort and tag content using AI-fueled tools to quickly prioritize best-performing media. Save time, improve workflow, and gain legal approval for your social content strategy.


Develop a winning social content strategy that scales

Raise your brand’s social voice by launching campaigns of all shapes and sizes with the Bazaarvoice Influenster sampling community and affable.ai AI-driven creator marketing platform.

  • Drive social buzz and word-of-mouth marketing and deliver a diverse mix of social content for repurposing across channels.
  • Short on time? Tap into hands-on creator marketing expertise and services.
  • Effortlessly integrate your paid and earned content into your Social Commerce dashboard, repurpose it quickly, and make it shoppable across your social and commerce touch points.

12K+ brands and retailers

partner with us to deliver a winning content strategy

16.5M creators and consumers

across the Influenster community and affable database

3B+ social impressions monthly

across Influenster and affable.ai campaigns

60K social content posted monthly

from affable.ai and Influenster campaigns

140% increase in conversion

when our clients repurpose social content on e-commerce


Tie back your social efforts to revenue

Social works — you shouldn’t have to work so hard to prove it. Say goodbye to the days when analyzing and optimizing the ROI of your social efforts felt like an afterthought. Save time measuring the success of your content strategy across the social channels that matter with the metric that matters most — revenue. Measure the performance of your posts, stories, and shoppable storefronts across top social sites. Identify your top-performing creators and gain powerful competitor and influencer marketing insights to develop a winning strategy on social. Ready for your reward? Easily export your results via email or PDF reports to prove the impact of social on the bottom line — you earned it!

social commerce analytics


Make social content shoppable with Like2Buy

Drive traffic and revenue with your scroll-stopping photos and videos on Instagram and TikTok. Bazaarvoice Like2Buy is our link-in-bio solution, where your fans can browse your shoppable Instagram or TikTok feed, read your stories and posts, make a purchase, or take any other action you wish. Like2Buy is a social storefront that performs, with 59% of visitors converting to an e-commerce session. Referred visitors also spend more time browsing on-site, view more pages, and have a greater average order value than the average mobile consumer.

Like2Buy was the first solution to bring shopping to Instagram — and it’s still the best.

Spotlight top-performing content and campaigns

Win on Instagram and TikTok. Pin high-performing posts or an ongoing campaign to the top of your feed — linking to category pages, campaigns, or another social account. Choose from different layouts or leverage Like2Buy’s customizations to create a more branded experience on social.

Connect with shoppers outside of Instagram and TikTok

Enable email capture for your email marketing campaigns. If a shopper clicks your Like2Buy link, you know they’re interested in your products. Take the next step in your relationship – get their email address. Stay connected. Turn them into a buyer instead of a browser.

Retarget look-alike audiences

Retarget shoppers who clicked your link-in-bio. Create look-alike audiences from your social shoppers. Segment your social campaigns like a pro and build new audiences with ease. Build connections with shoppers and find new ones in the process — all on one, centralized platform.


Turn anywhere into an e-commerce experience

Walking the aisles of a store is easy. Browsing the “aisles” of an e-commerce site? Not so much. Showroom lets you turn any photo or video into a storefront. Now, your brand’s social posts and influencer partnerships can do more than just drive engagement — they can sell by introducing people to their next great find, effortlessly. Showroom serves up AI-powered experiences centered around visual content that cause people to stumble upon things they never knew existed. Bounce rates drop dramatically, time on site and click-through rate increase substantially, and the number of products consumers take notice of skyrockets — with 46% of Showroom visits converting to an e-commerce session.


A practical guide for social media professionals to drive commerce

As creators and communities have become the centerpiece of commerce, discover how to seize the power of your customers’ authentic voices in order to stay relevant and continue to thrive.

Grab this e-book to learn:

  • Why UGC is essential for your brand’s social strategy
  • How to acquire shopper content and use it across social channels
  • The importance of allowing consumers to shop (not just buy)
  • How to evaluate and scale your brand’s shopper content efforts
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