AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 7, 2022  – Bazaarvoice, Inc., the leading provider of product reviews and user-generated content (UGC) solutions,  today announced that the Bazaarvoice Social Commerce platform now has the ability to provide social media marketing and e-commerce managers with first-to-market tools to directly attribute revenue to Facebook organic content.

Many social media marketing and e-commerce managers have long been measuring core social media metrics such as follower growth and engagement rates, but there has been a gap in how to track revenue with organic content. With social commerce projected to become a $79.64 billion industry by 2025, tracking and measuring revenue growth from organic social and posted content is a critical performance metric for today’s social media marketing and e-commerce managers.

With Bazaarvoice’s new functionalities, social media marketing and e-commerce managers can now:

  • Directly attribute organic social content to revenue generation. Users can measure the performance of their posts to see which content is generating the most revenue for their business.
  • Access a broader overview of which content is performing and resulting in sales, allowing them to better create, utilize, and prioritize their top performing content.
  • View which organic posts are driving direct sales, and with these insights brands can optimize existing organic content and leverage paid campaigns to drive further sales opportunities.

Social media marketing managers are increasingly becoming responsible for driving conversion to revenue for their business, this functionality allows them to seamlessly report on the attributed revenue in the Bazaarvoice Social Commerce dashboard.

“In our recent Shopper Preference Report, we found that 99% of consumers say they regularly shop online and 97% have purchased something through social media,” said Zarina Lam Stanford, Bazaarvoice CMO. “With this first-ever capability introduced to Facebook, Bazaarvoice is now making it possible for companies to attribute revenue to their organic posts, which saves social media marketing managers time in deciding what posts to prioritize and drives performance of the bottom line.”

To find out more information, check out the demo video here.

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