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What's in a review?
What's in a review?
Wednesday April, 20 | 4 PM CDT
The holistic value of a healthy consumer-generated content (CGC) program extends beyond conversion lift to an e-commerce site - and analytics show the performance of your word-of-mouth program. Do you know the value your CGC brings in actual dollars - and how you compare to your competitors?
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Infographic: Your Guide to the Back-to-School Shopper
Infographic: Your Guide to the Back-to-School Shopper
When does the back-to-school shopping season begin, and how long does it last? What are back-to-school shoppers in the market for, and how do they like to shop? Learn all you need to know about the back-to-school shopper - and how you can effectively engage them.
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Social Trends Report
In our latest installment of the Social Trends Report, we outline five critical trends that are shaping the digital marketplace.
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The Conversation Index
Learn how consumer-generated content is changing shopping behavior online and in stores
Volume 9: Learn how consumer-generated content is changing shopping behavior online and in stores
Don't miss our 33-page guide to the latest developments in consumer-generated content (CGC). We cover everything you need to know about the state of CGC, from the changing way consumers make high-value purchases like automobiles, to how they select food retailers and financial services.
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Bazaarvoice Spotlights
Bazaarvoice Spotlights
Learn how you can use rich social content to increase organic search traffic to your category pages.
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Currently age 17-34, millennials have greatest lifetime value of any generation in travel market. (Dorsey, Jason. The Center for Generational Kinetics. July 2012.)

"Talking to Strangers: Millennials Trust People over Brands", Bazaarvoice, January, 2012

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