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Client-Led Webinar: CGC doesn’t have to be taxing
Client-Led Webinar: CGC doesn’t have to be taxing
Thursday October, 22 | 3 PM CDT
H&R Block has been building its Consumer-Generated Content (CGC) strategy with Bazaarvoice since 2011. The team at H&R Block have learned that constantly improving and utilizing all the components of its Bazaarvoice program is key to success. Watch this webinar to learn how a phased-plan approach has proven successful at H&R Block.
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Infographic: The info-hungry consumer
Infographic: The info-hungry consumer
The culture of food has exploded in recent years. Today, consumers care more about food than ever before, and they’re taking this passion online to share their stories, likes, dislikes, tips, and questions.
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Rebuilding credibility and loyalty with the digital customer
Perhaps more than in any other industry, consumer decisions about financial institutions are based on word-of-mouth. Learn how to empower consumers in their decision-making.
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The Conversation Index
Learn how consumer-generated content is changing shopping behavior online and in stores
Volume 9: Learn how consumer-generated content is changing shopping behavior online and in stores
Don't miss our 33-page guide to the latest developments in consumer-generated content (CGC). We cover everything you need to know about the state of CGC, from the changing way consumers make high-value purchases like automobiles, to how they select food retailers and financial services.
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Bazaarvoice Spotlights
Bazaarvoice Spotlights
Learn how you can use rich social content to increase organic search traffic to your category pages.
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Social commerce statistics

The number of reviews and average rating on a product correlate closely with conversion to purchase. In the Beauty product category, when the number of reviews increases from 1 to 15, we see a 56% increase in orders.

"Internet Retailer Top 25 case study", Bazaarvoice, March, 2014

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