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What's in a review?
What's in a review?
Wednesday April, 20 | 4 PM CDT
The holistic value of a healthy consumer-generated content (CGC) program extends beyond conversion lift to an e-commerce site - and analytics show the performance of your word-of-mouth program. Do you know the value your CGC brings in actual dollars - and how you compare to your competitors?
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Shopper Marketing: The New Rules of Engagement
Shopper Marketing: The New Rules of Engagement
Consumers are increasingly comfortable with use of their personal data for targeted advertising, but marketers are still struggling with how to deliver the timely, relevant offers they desire. What can marketers do to close the data divide?
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Social Trends Report
In our latest installment of the Social Trends Report, we outline five critical trends that are shaping the digital marketplace.
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The Conversation Index
Learn how consumer-generated content is changing shopping behavior online and in stores
Volume 9: Learn how consumer-generated content is changing shopping behavior online and in stores
Don't miss our 33-page guide to the latest developments in consumer-generated content (CGC). We cover everything you need to know about the state of CGC, from the changing way consumers make high-value purchases like automobiles, to how they select food retailers and financial services.
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Bazaarvoice Spotlights
Bazaarvoice Spotlights
Learn how you can use rich social content to increase organic search traffic to your category pages.
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Compared to site visitors that did not read reviews, review readers in the Travel category experience average lift of 52% in page views per visit, 83% in time on site, 25% in repeat visits, 77% in conversion, and 61% in revenue per visit.

"The Connected Economy: Insights from the network ", Bazaarvoice, November, 2013

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