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Maximize your social currency: How consumer feedback drives sales
Maximize your social currency: How consumer feedback drives sales
Wednesday February, 11 | 1 PM CST
Learn the real story about user-generated content and how it can change your organization for the better.
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Infographic: The new customer journey
Infographic: The new customer journey
How consumers find and research local businesses has changed. This infographic walks you through the new customer decision journey.
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Forrester: User-generated content’s impact on brand building
Learn the strategies, successes and hurdles for generating, capturing and measuring UGC as part of your brand building efforts.
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Learn how increasing review volume drives sales
Volume 8: Learn how increasing review volume drives sales
Learn how sharing customer content across a network of retail and brand partners leads to better sales, insights, and search traffic – and why there’s no such thing as enough user-generated content.
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Frictionless commerce : Right content, right place
Frictionless commerce : Right content, right place
More than ever before, consumers are shopping with both sides of their brain to create a multidimensional shopping experience. Lisa Pearson, Bazaarvoice CMO, talks about what that means for user generated content, and how brands can place content that appeals to both the left and right brain.
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Before ever entering a store, 62% of Millennial shoppers already know what they want to buy through prior online research. Eighty-four percent of them say consumer-written content on brand sites influences what they buy.

"Social Trends Report 2013", Bazaarvoice, July, 2013

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