The Bazaarvoice salesforce is a team of talented individuals who know the SaaS industry well - and know people even better. This team is the tip of the spear when it comes to growing the Bazaarvoice business. Team members are committed to addressing and solving the pain points facing global brands and retailers looking to win both online and in the aisle with their consumers.

We want motivated salespeople who are not only the smartest people in the room, but also the best listeners. At Bazaarvoice we do not sell off-the-shelf solutions, but rather take pride in solving the unique business challenges our clients face with a customized suite of products.

Our Sales Team is the epitome of 'work hard, play hard.' The office environment is a fast-paced meritocracy, where performance is valued and rewarded, with room for growth for those who take control of their book of business and find new and creative solutions to close the deal. Closers can expect much more than coffee here (but the coffee is okay too).

We #liveBV

At Bazaarvoice, we pride ourselves on our unique culture.

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