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Join Bazaarvoice R&D and enter a world of creative professionals pushing the boundaries of social commerce. We're all about connecting brands, retailers and consumers in the world's largest user-generated content network. It's big: Big data, big opportunity.

The Bazaarvoice Network by the numbers

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Ben Hollander

"Everyone is always willing to jump in and collaborate..."

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Chris Kauffman

"Not only do we help our clients, but we also help their customers make better decisions..."

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Greg Rogers

"They're really positive people, really motivated to do things technically the right way ..."

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Lewis Ren

"We're a white-label company, but we play such a big role..."

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Ishan Chatterjee

"We have far more opportunities than just ratings and reviews..."

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Harini Kumar

"I'm just two years out of college and I've already had the opportunity to lead a team..."

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Life in Bazaarvoice R&D

What's it really like working on the world's largest network of brands, retailers
and consumers? Watch this video for the inside story.