We're the power behind the throne. We grease the wheels. We're the Business and Technology team of Bazaarvoice. In short, we make sure that every Bazaarvoice employee has the technology and tools they need to efficiently get their job done. From everyday computing issues to creating and maintaining complex technology systems that fuel our business, we connect everything—and everyone—together, and enable collaboration within and beyond our office walls in a secure fashion.

We proudly keep all of our technology running (99.5%+ uptimes), secure, and documented. But we are more than just a team of technology-focused gurus; we work hand-in-hand with our users and Bazaarvoice's business to propose and drive better tools, systems, and processes that make everyone's jobs easier. Also, the ability to translate tech-talk into English is always a prized skill.

If you like providing reliable connectivity and system support for creating good, automated business processes, and enjoy laying the foundation for better business performance, Bazaarvoice BizTech is an easy place to thrive.

We #liveBV

At Bazaarvoice, we pride ourselves on our unique culture.

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