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We are the differentiators and, for many of our clients, the humanizers of Bazaarvoice. Where many SaaS companies’ value can be summed up in code, Bazaarvoice’s client team brings a level of personal services that ensures our clients are seeing strong, tangible results.

Client delivery

Any solution is only as good as its execution and implementation, and when it comes to delivering on the promises made to clients, our team is top-notch. We take the strategies and SaaS solutions that Bazaarvoice has to offer and make sure they are implemented correctly, work properly, and deliver on client expectations.

We anticipate the technical complications our clients might encounter and put solutions in place that address their specific concerns and situations before they occur.

Each member of the Bazaarvoice Client Delivery team pushes their teammates to constantly raise the bar. We challenge each other to think more critically and creatively, to be more proactive, and to remember the client is why we’re all here. It’s not a short list, but anything worth doing is worth doing right.


Client services technical success

How does never getting the same question twice and not every issue having a one-size-fits-all fix sound? Intrigued? Let’s talk.

The Technical Success team thrives on solving unique challenges for all of Bazaarvoice clients - all 3,500+ of them.

We troubleshoot issues of varying complexity that potentially involve any and all of Bazaarvoice’s products and feature sets. With this problem-solving comes the opportunity to not only delight our clients with our world-class service, but also to identify areas for streamlining and improving existing products and processes.

If you love solving problems and discovering new solutions this is the team for you.


Client success

Our Client Success teams are internal client advocates, channeling product and service innovation and ensuring that clients find success with their consumer-generated content programs.

We get to work on strategic programs that drive results with some of the biggest global brands and retailers, while knowing that we are improving the information at shoppers’ fingertips, helping to guide them to the products and services that are just right for them. And we’re on the cutting edge of bringing consumer-generated content to new industries, and utilizing it in new and exciting ways.

We constantly challenge each other to think differently - not only about how we work, but about how our clients can drive more value from our solutions and tap into the voice of the consumer.


Content Integrity and Insights

Our moderation team is the boots on the ground, frontline force that ensures our clients’ content is authentic, tagged properly, and successfully syndicated across our expansive network in order to help customers everywhere make informed decisions and find the best products for their needs.

Given the size and breadth of our brand and retailer network, the Analytics team has an immense amount of data at its disposal to work with, which gives team members the opportunity to creatively dissect and uncover unprecedented insights, and to use those insights to deliver the best possible value to Bazaarvoice and its clients.

We #liveBV

At Bazaarvoice, we pride ourselves on our unique culture.

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