Ads featuring UGC are proven to generate up to 5 times greater click through rates. With ReviewAds, brands can amplify the unparalleled volume of high-quality UGC about your products on through undeniably powerful media assets.

Influenster’s creative design team uses the best of Influenster’s UGC about your brand and pairs it with access to reviewer data that has been captured from community members, so you can create powerful visual advertising assets and optimize the performance of your ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Display Network.

With ReviewAds, brands can get more out of their advertising by hyper-targeting known brand advocates, reviewers, category enthusiasts, and competitors’ advocates based on Influenster’s robust data sets of over 900 points per member.

Brands can manage their own media, or you can leverage Influenster to run.

In both scenarios, the ReviewAds includes:

  • License of Influenster’s proprietary reviews and other types of UGC
  • License of Influenster’s proprietary audience data, plus look-alike audience for the duration of the campaign
  • Custom creative which can include photo shoot
  • Account management

For more information, reach out to your Bazaarvoice account team.