Brands can accomplish meaningful market research to shoppers that are already purchasing their products through Influenster’s 6M+ member community.

Our Research and Analysis process starts by understanding the type of customer a brand wants to reach and then creates the perfect audience from Influenster members based on over 900 data points per individual.

A dedicated research team works with the brand to understand the kind of brand, product, or competitive intelligence they’d like to gain and then creates a turnkey campaign to survey members, leveraging the first-party data from Influenster to create a complete picture of your customer, including demographic, psychographic, behavioral, social activity, and UPC level review engagement.

This surveying and research can be completed in conjunction with a VoxBox campaign or accomplished as a stand alone campaign with a broader community audience.

Types of analysis can include:

  • Talk value and trending topics
  • Sentiment across category, sub-category, brand, product, retail channel, etc.
  • Sentiment on ingredients, packaging, overall shopping experience, conversation drivers, and more
  • Competitive comparison

If you want to understand specific things about your brand or products from your existing shoppers, then Research and Analysis is here to help you ask.

For more information, reach out to your Bazaarvoice account team.