We’re re-envisioning our Insights & Reports tools, updating the design and including easy to read graphs to help you take informed, effective actions, and faster ways to send reports within  your workflow.  Go forth and use your data and our insights to take your marketing and business efforts to the next level!

 A new data visualization experience

Collections Dashboard

The Collection Dashboard is a clean data  visualization experience in the Insights app that combines multiple collection metrics across different sources in Workbench. Quickly identify how to focus and improve your review collection efforts by understanding:

  • Total number of reviews collected
  • Number of reviews collected over time
  • Number of reviews by collection source
  • Percent of reviews rejected
  • Rejection reasons
  • Industry benchmarks

Schedule your Coverage Insights

Customize and schedule your coverage insights via the Insights report app. Features include: 

  • Export your coverage data from Insight sections
  • Customize how your data is exported
  • Schedule to send to colleagues or yourself on a recurring basis

Login to your Insights and Reports App to see the new Dashboard and send reports!