Short-form videos are the most popular, highest ROI content format in a social marketer’s arsenal, according to HubSpot’s 2023 Social Media Marketing Report. And we agree! 

Short-form videos are the snackable content consumers crave, and it sells. With Bazaarvoice, content-savvy brands have already proven shoppable short-form video content can be used in more places to drive measurable revenue (especially at e-commerce). 

But wait, what about the elephant in the boardroom — brand safety

What is a goldmine on social; can be a legal landmine at e-commerce. Copyrighted sounds and songs can make otherwise valuable video content unusable for brands 😢. 

Enter our newest feature for video moderation — video sound control. Capitalize on short-form videos safely by muting audio content on Galleries, Showroom, and Like2Buy so you can:

  • Keep your brand safe when using videos with copyrighted sounds and songs 🎵
  • Amplify valuable videos from influencers, creators, and consumers fearlessly 💪
  • Make videos viewable in all environments for your shoppers (that’s what they want) 😍

Ready to mute the sound, not the sales? Check out this Support article to learn more.