We’re excited to announce that you can now make your TikTok videos shoppable and drive website traffic and revenue. Like2Buy is our customizable link-in-bio solution, where fans can browse your shoppable TikTok feed, watch videos, or make a purchase. Like2Buy is a social storefront that performs, with 59% of visitors converting to an e-commerce session (based on our Instagram Like2Buy). And it’s all measurable so you can measure what matters: website traffic, visits, clickthroughs, transactions and top performers to name a few. Referred visitors also spend more time browsing on-site, view more pages, and have a greater average order value than the average mobile customer.

This feature is for:

Social media marketing managers who want to make their TikTok video content shoppable and drive website traffic and revenue for their business.

Learn more about how to make your TikTok videos shoppable in our support article!