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We’re excited to announce that Bazaarvoice Social Commerce is now integrated with TikTok! 

What can you do with TikTok? 

With Bazaarvoice Social Commerce, you can now measure and report on the health of your TikTok profile including follower growth, overall engagement and audience profiles. You’ll also capture valuable insights on the performance of each of your owned TikTok videos, including views, reach and engagement rate.Drill deeper into these insights by customizing the date range or exporting it to a CSV.

Friendly reminder: Existing TikTok Capabilities 

You can already collect content with ease by saving user-generated content, influencer or brand-owned videos via our Chrome extension. You can make your videos shoppable by tagging products to drive traffic and showcase them on relevant PDP galleries. And you can add your TikTok videos to your Galleries and display them on TikTok as a link-in-bio solution or on site. 

What’s next?

Coming soon you’ll be able to save time by scheduling your TikTok posts through Social Commerce and even collaborate with your team using creative notes and drafts. This will consolidate your social media workflows within one, centralized platform. We’ll also be adding the ability to create a Like2Buy store to drive traffic and revenue to your site from your TikTok link-in-bio.

This feature is for:

  • Measurement-minded social media managers who want to be able to report on all social UGC in a flexible way from one location to optimize their social commerce strategy

Learn more about connecting your TikTok videos to your Social Commerce platform in this helpful support article!