What was once a trend – consumers interacting with businesses through text message – is now commonplace. After all, 62%​ of consumers say they have subscribed to receive texts from at least one business in the last year1.

Text message review collection enables you to collect almost 2X more ratings and reviews by sending requests where your customers are constantly checking.

  • Tailor the experience to your brand by choosing between SMS or MMS
  • Leverage Bazaarvoice’s battle-tested Multi-Product Submission form to maximize reviews submissions
  • Combine with email review collection to cover customers who are not eligible to receive texts

Everyone wins with higher quantities of ratings and reviews flowing in. Shoppers get more of the review volume and recency they crave for finalizing their purchasing decisions. You get more of the UGC needed for informing strategic business decisions and boosting sales to new all-time highs.

To learn more about eligibility and the next steps for leveraging this new collection method, please see this community article.

1 SimpleTexting 2021 Texting Statistics