We’re excited to announce that the Bazaarvoice Sampling and Social Commerce solutions are now connected with the new Influenster Integration. 

What is a Bazaarvoice Sampling campaign? 

With Bazaarvoice Sampling campaigns, clients can engage our Influenster community of product evangelists to create high-quality photo content for social that showcases their brand and products. 

How does the integration work? 

We’ve connected Sampling and Social Commerce programs by automatically bringing high-performing Instagram photo content generated from the Influenster community directly to the client’s Social Commerce platform. This connected experience will also enable clients to collect, share and report on Sampling campaign social content performance within the Social Commerce dashboard.

This feature is for:

  • Social Commerce users who want to collect and share more high-performing sampling content from the Influenster community
  • E-commerce managers who are looking for visually appealing content to display on their onsite galleries or at retail so they can merchandise their products better
  • Brand managers looking to measure the impact of their social UGC sampling campaign
  • Measurement-minded social media managers who want to be able to report on all social UGC in one location to optimize their social commerce strategy

Learn more about connecting your sampling content from the Influenster community to your Social Commerce platform in this helpful support article!