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We’re excited to announce that Bazaarvoice Social Commerce now offers the ability to automatically generate personalized captions with hashtags for brand-owned photos on Instagram via Generative AI. It’s super simple: once you’ve added a photo to your post, click ‘Auto-Generate Caption’ below the caption text box and we’ll generate a caption with hashtags for you. Powered by OpenAI/ChatGPT, our intelligent technology studies your past Instagram captions, the photo you’re scheduling, and any related products you’ve tagged. Now you can save even more time by letting us create captions with hashtags for you. Don’t worry, you can always edit them if you like!

This feature is for:

Social media marketing managers who want to see how Generative AI can create photo captions on brand-owned Instagram posts and have more time freed up to do other tasks!

Note: Currently we only generate captions with hashtags for single photos. Carousels and video content are not yet supported.

Learn more about how to generate photo captions for your brand-owned Instagram posts in this support article!