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You’ve just tried a new product that you’re ready to review. But when you go to write about it, you feel…stumped. Where do you begin? Writing a review is easier said than done—68% percent of consumers report having trouble getting started. 

Introducing AI-powered UGC coaching

Content Coach, backed by generative AI suggestions, inspires shoppers to write higher-quality reviews by providing topic-specific guidance based on the product they’re writing about. Topics are unbiased so to encourage shoppers to share their own authentic experiences.

Content Coach benefits

  • Helps consumers write richer and more relevant reviews
  • Guidance adjusts across products, increasing review relevancy and quality at scale
  • Helps improve SEO by providing topics that inspire more keywords


How do I use Content Coach for my reviews? 

This AI-powered recommender is now available for Influenster review campaigns. 

Reach out to your Bazaarvoice account manager to launch your next sampling campaign with Content Coach.