Short-form videos are the snackable content consumers crave, and Bazaarvoice customers have proven video content sells. However, ensuring accessibility for everyone is crucial. With over 5% of the global population having hearing impairments and 83% of U.S. media consumers watching videos on mute, it’s no surprise that easy-to-consume video content is in demand.

Introducing our latest video moderation feature. 

Enhance accessibility and boost engagement across your key consumer touchpoints — from social storefronts to onsite homepages, category, and product detail pages (and more).

This feature is perfect for…

  • Content innovators looking to amplify their video content strategy while ensuring a compliance-friendly experience
  • Social marketers keen on enhancing engagement on social storefronts with captivating video content
  • E-commerce practitioners aiming to leverage more video content to increase time-on-site and boost conversions

Let all shoppers savor your best video content wherever, whenever — because it’s what they crave (and need)! 

For more info, read our Support article.