It’s easier than ever to understand how many reviews you’ve collected and how your review collection programs are performing in the Collection Dashboard.  We’ve added new Locale and Campaign ID filters to make browsing by category simpler.  In addition, we now offer a French and German translation of the Collection Dashboard making it easier for our international clients to work in their native language.

By using the Locale or Campaign ID filter to focus a search, brands and retailers can dig deeper into their review program and campaigns to understand what performs well and what areas need attention.  

 On the Collection Dashboard you will find new features and enhancements, including:

  • New filters
    • Locale filter
    • Campaign ID filter
  • Additional sources in the Collection source chart
    • On the Native filtered view, Other source will be broken down and will show the top 25 campaign IDs
    • Also will show the “Partners” as a source 
      • Partners that will be added:
        • Buchanan Advertising
        • BILT
        • ChickAdvisor
        • SampleSource
        • Buzzador
        • Caddle
        • Expert Voice
        • PINCHme
  • Monthly line chart aggregation
    • New line chart that will show the total number of reviews collected from a selection between Monthly, Weekly, or Daily view
  • Browse Categories component
    • Allows users to discover categories by browsing their catalog. 
  • Group categories each level – includes  the entire hierarchy products under a selected category

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