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Build the sampling experience that is right for you

Bazaarvoice is introducing a new streamlined sampling program that is geared to support brands and retailers at every stage of the product life cycle and customer journey. We’re making it easier to get more products into the hands of consumers and collect user-generated content that converts. It’s everything you love about sampling plus so much more. Plus with our unparalleled community of  6.5M+ engaged shoppers worldwide you can find the right audience for your needs. Hit your e-commerce and social platform goals with reviews, images, and social posts that drive sales and produce meaningful insights – all in one solution.  

Take a look at how Sampling can help you meet your strategic imperatives: 

  1. Product development: Tap into the Influenster community and create a powerful focus group. Our team gets your products into the hands of consumers before the big launch to get the insights and answers you need to launch confidently. 
  2. New product launch: Studies show that even one review on the day of a product launch can result in a 10% lift in order volume. Make a splash on day one with text, visual, and social reviews that will catch the eye of browsers. Inspire everyday people and get them excited with sampling tools that make it simple and easy. 
  3. New market entrances: Looking to jump into a new geographical market? How about targeting a new demographic of shoppers? With sampling, you have access to over 6.5MM+ consumers globally in 30+ countries giving you the opportunity to test your products before investing in big business decisions. Get the answers you need around brand recognition, sentiment, buying potential and more. Gather these valuable insights while we do all the heavy lifting.  
  4. Core SKU support: Create an evergreen experience for your tried and true products by partnering with Bazaarvoice. 63% of consumers agree that reviews with an age of less than 3 months are more reliable than older reviews. Keep your review content fresh and exciting with options for ratings and reviews plus visual and social that can breathe new life into your product experience. 

Get in touch with us here or reach out to your account manager to learn more about customizing your sampling and UGC strategy with Bazaarvoice