At Bazaarvoice, we believe that data drives results and we want to give you an easier way for you to drive success from data. With the introduction of Premium Network Insights, we’ve created an easy-to-digest dashboard where you can track key metrics that will help you stay competitive and grow your business. Experience advanced insights on top of what is already offered in your Bazaarvoice account. Leverage insights against your competitors, across retailers, and from customers to make business decisions, product updates, influence growth strategies and more. The power of the Bazaarvoice network is now working for you more than ever.

With the new feature, you gain access to:

  1. Performance Insights: track how UGC is doing at different retail channels
  2. Sentiment Insights: Explore what customers like and don’t like about your product and/or brand. This is achieved with a combination of advanced machine learning and natural language processing.
  3. Named Competitor Insights: At retail, explore how your customers feel about your products at retail against competitors.

 Contact your account team for more info and to check your eligibility.