Digital Activations target your key demographics in the Influenster community and get them to take specific actions for your brand like trialing or purchasing products, visiting brick-and-mortar locations, or attending events. You can then get Influenster community members to amplify their experience through reviews and social posts about their interactions with your brand.

There are three main types of Digital Activations that help clients:

  1. Expand trial and awareness: Drive product trial by sending community members to pick up at a brick-and-mortar location or order online direct from e-commerce sites
  2. Drive store and e-commerce traffic: Increase foot traffic and sales at retail and online stores with digital coupons and cash back offers
  3. Increase event attendance: Ensure event success by increasing attendance and social engagement through community members and influencers

All Digital Activations offer turnkey campaign support.

  • Clients are able to target exactly the right audience segments in the Influenster community using over 900 data points to reach an ideal audience.
  • You’ll have an expert helping you design the most effective activation based on your objectives. In this step, we gamify the experience for Influenster members and set up activities based on campaign goals.
  • We then launch your campaign and communicate to Influenster members your challenge has begun.
  • You’ll begin receiving content upon the completion of in-store activity, event attendance, trial, with social or review content.
  • We will track and manage incentives to ensure that participants deliver the content you need on the channels you want.
  • You’ll receive in depth program updates and meaningful data about your shoppers.

For more information, reach out to your Bazaarvoice account team.