Bazaarvoice’s end-to-end creator marketing platform,, already saves creator marketers up to 80% of their time managing campaigns. However, a healthy creator program requires more: managing a robust roster, tracking content,  and proving the effectiveness of creators across diverse social platforms.

Enter Console,’s creator marketing command center, designed to elevate creator marketing strategy. Console streamlines tracking, provides creative measurement solutions, and simplifies the sourcing and activation of top-performing creators who already know and love your brand.

A unified cross-platform view and metrics from Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube

Console is the perfect hub for social and influencer marketers looking to…

  • Save time sourcing top-performing creators already in your creator program, monitoring their content, and adding them to lists and upcoming campaigns
  • Get top-notch creator recommendations by combining a content-centric view of creator sourcing and vetting with accurate social metrics
  • Access creator social listening metrics whenever you want to monitor program health, prove creator impact, and craft a compelling success story
  • Be more strategic by benchmarking against your competition, aspirational brands, or other brands within your company

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