Supercheap Auto increases conversion 32% with customer reviews

Supercheap Auto uses critical customer feedback to connect with shoppers at scale, improve product pages and products, and drive millions in additional sales.

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Stronger engagement with online shoppers and identify ways to continuously improve products and the shopping experience.


Respond to negative reviews and use insights drawn from customer feedback to make better products and optimise the shopping experience.


A 32% increase in conversions and opportunities to improve product pages and products.


Conversion lift

Visitors who read a negative review that included a response were 32% more likely to buy

How Supercheap Auto engages with customer reviews to increase revenue

Some brands dread negative reviews. Not Supercheap Auto. This leading auto retailer knows that when a less than stellar review hits their page, it’s an opportunity to shine. Here’s how Supercheap Auto uses critical feedback to drive sales.

Responding to reviews leads to a $1.2M revenue increase

Supercheap Auto conducted a study to measure the impact of responding to negative reviews. By tracking how visitors interacted with its product pages, including reviews, the retailer found that when visitors read its responses to low-rated reviews, they were more likely to buy and spend more.

During a five-month period, the retailer identified and responded to a portion of its negative reviews. Visitors who read a negative review (1 or 2-star) that included a response from Supercheap Auto were 32% more likely to buy compared to those who saw a negative review by itself. The revenue was also 8% higher when visitors read the responses, resulting in $1.2M in additional revenue during the five months.

“We can confidently say that when customers see our responses, they are more likely to add the item to their cart and proceed with making the purchase,” said Ashlie Henry, Customer Feedback Coordinator at Supercheap Auto. “There is high value in this interaction, and not just for our business financially, but for our customers.”

Responding to a negative review isn’t entirely about the previous customer. It’s about the new customer reading it. Taking the time to reply shows the company is committed to making things right. This helps build rapport with thousands of shoppers as they fill their carts.

“We’re happy to have this conversation with clients rather than hide from a problem. We call it a conversation because that’s what it needs to be. We seek to understand the issue from the customer’s perspective and respond with genuine compassion. Engaging and educating our customers with thoughtful responses empowers them to make comfortable decisions and continue to purchase from us,” said Henry.

Responding to reviews is a core component of the company’s larger goal of connecting with customers.

“Our leadership wanted to explore ways to better engage with our customers and make them feel heard and valued. Responding to reviews plays a major role in that,” said Henry.

Using customer-driven insights to make great products and improve product pages

Reviews, including negative ones, give Supercheap Auto an opportunity to make informed changes that pave the way for better products and improvements to the shopping experience for future customers.

For example, a negative review recently surfaced a need to change a product.

“We have sold tin snips in this business for many years., After some feedback provided by a customer on the color of the handles we were able to quickly contact the product team and manufacturer to roll out an update to the tin snip handles bringing them in line with the globally recognised color standard,” said Henry.

In another instance, the company sells a 225-piece set of O-rings. However, the product page didn’t specify the exact sizes of each piece in the assortment, which a customer called out in a negative review. Supercheap Auto took immediate action.

“We made changes to the product page the same day by adding detailed sizing specs. It was a cost-effective change that helps educate customers before purchasing,” said Henry.

The retailer’s success in embracing critical feedback—rather than hiding from it—is proof that negative reviews can actually help your business. They are opportunities to show shoppers that your company is committed to customers.


Conversion lift

Visitors who read a negative review that included a response were 32% more likely to buy

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Supercheap Auto is Australia and New Zealand’s largest specialty automotive parts and accessories retail business, leveraging its market leadership to bring a wide range of tools and accessories for the DIY home handyman, as well as products for travel, touring, outdoors, garage, and the shed.

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Our leadership wanted to explore ways to better engage with our customers and make them feel heard and valued. Responding to reviews plays a major role in that.

Ashlie Henry

Customer Feedback Coordinator

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