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Consumer-generated content increases Saturn's review volume and conversion

Since electronics retailer Saturn has used Bazaarvoice's platform for consumer-generated content, the number of customer reviews in its online store has risen massively which also has a positive impact on conversion rates. Saturn only recorded a decline in expenses.

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Increase online sales while reducing workload.


Collect reviews from the Bazaarvoice Network to increase volume.


Thousands of new reviews, resulting in a significant increase in conversion and sales.


increase in conversion

Visitors to the site who interact with reviews are 212% more likely to buy than those who don't.

Reviews from the Bazaarvoice Network help Saturn customers with their purchasing decisions

Saturn, a German electronics retailer, understands consumer product reviews help increase online conversions. Shoppers who read reviews are more likely to buy, and the more reviews, the higher the impact of the consumer-generated content (CGC).

Saturn originally developed its own solution to gather and display product reviews across more than 300,000 products. However, the solution lacked the capabilities needed to manage reviews across such an extensive catalog of products.

We needed a new solution that could offer more comprehensive evaluation options, and that could help us process higher volumes of customer reviews quickly and efficiently,” says Markus Heuser, Managing Director at Saturn Online GmbH’s.

Saturn switched from its own platform to Bazaarvoice Ratings & Reviews in 2016 to gain more functionality and reduce the level of effort needed to manage a CGC program.

The Bazaarvoice Network increases review volume and conversion

Leveraging the Bazaarvoice Network of more than 5,000 brand and retail sites makes it easy for Saturn to collect reviews. A majority of all reviews displayed on Saturn’s site are sourced directly from brands, who syndicate reviews they collect to the retailer.

Since the introduction of Bazaarvoice, the number of customer reviews and the conversion rates have significantly increased, says Heuser. Examples include an electric toothbrush from Oral-B and Kaspersky security software. After receiving 400 reviews for the toothbrush via the Bazaarvoice Network, sales doubled the following month. Kaspersky sourced 6,000 reviews, which boosted conversions by 27%. In total, customers who interact with reviews on Saturn’s site are 212% more likely to buy.

Bazaarvoice’s moderation reduces Saturn’s workload and surfaces insights

Bazaarvoice also helps Saturn save the time and resources required to moderate consumer content. Bazaarvoice’s moderation team checks every single review for authenticity and to provide the retailer with valuable information.

Bazaarvoice worked closely with Saturn to establish a set of moderation guidelines, so moderators can tag each piece of content. For example, moderators tag reviews containing suggestions for improvements. This makes it easy for Saturn to gather customer sentiment, spot any issues, and identify opportunities.

The moderation reduces our workload and provides us with valuable insights. Any customer reviews with suggestions for improvement are passed on internally to the relevant departments, says Heuser.

Setting the program up for success

Right from the start, the Bazaarvoice team partnered with Saturn to ensure the solution was implemented quickly.

Thanks in no small part to the fantastic support from Bazaarvoice and our dedicated team, we could actually reach ambitious deadlines.

Bazaarvoice continues to provide Saturn with the dedicated support and strategy needed to optimize a successful CGC program.


increase in conversion

Visitors to the site who interact with reviews are 212% more likely to buy than those who don't.

About the company

Saturn is an independent retail brand under the umbrella of the Media Markt Saturn Retail Group – Europe's largest electronics retailer.
Saturn is represented by 158 stores in Germany and as well as its bricks-and-mortar business, has an online store at

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About two-thirds of our products have reviews from the network and around half of all ratings in our store come from this resource.

Markus Heuser

Managing Director, Saturn Online GmbH

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