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Global baby care provider takes e-commerce success to the next level with UGC—on its own site and by amplifying over 40,000 reviews across dozens of retail partners.

At a Glance


Increase consumer confidence in MAM products, traffic, and sales on retail sites.


Display more reviews on MAM’s own site and syndicate reviews to a dozen retailers.


More conversions and revenue on MAM’s UK site, SEO and visibility on retail site category pages, and parents’ confidence in choosing MAM products.



MAM UK has more than 40,000 reviews on retail sites from syndication

MAM UK wins new retail customers and sees an 84% increase in revenue per visitor with UGC

Nobody gives better advice to parents than other parents. That’s why user-generated content (UGC) is so important to MAM’s e-commerce success. To stay ahead of other baby brands in a competitive industry, MAM uses UGC to help parents find and buy the right products for their newborns and toddlers. The products may be small—baby bottles, sterilisers, oral care products, and breast pumps—but the amount of effort parents put into these buying decisions is big. Especially for first time parents, which is the majority of MAM’s customers.

“Shopping for baby products can be very confusing, especially if it’s their first baby. Information spreads in the baby industry through word of mouth, so we know addressing that is key to our success,” said Daniel Smith, Key Accounts Executive at MAM Baby UK.

That’s why MAM leverages authentic UGC to instill confidence in their shoppers. No parent wants to make the wrong decision for their baby. Hearing from others like them that a product works? Music to their ears.

“If a product does what it’s supposed to do, that’s great. But our consumers want to know that many others have used it and had positive experiences,” said Smith. “One of the first things consumers do when shopping is look at reviews for social validation.”

Driving retail sales success with syndication

UGC collected by the brand is distributed to more than a dozen retailers in the Bazaarvoice Network. In fact, MAM UK currently has more than 40,000 reviews on retail sites from syndication. This is improving the brand’s presence and performance across its product pages in many ways.

“Syndicating reviews enhances our brand’s visibility and provides SEO value. It provides a constant stream of fresh content on our product pages and keeps them at the top of our retailers’ category and search results pages,” said Smith. “It’s making it easier for people to discover our products and drives traffic to those pages.”

And it keeps reviews fresh. Which is top of mind for shoppers. No one trusts old content. The newer, the better.

“Syndication helps with review recency. Consumers will question why no one has left a review in a couple of weeks or months. Because we’re syndicating reviews, we’re keeping our reviews current,” said Smith.

Getting even more value from reviews

After finding success with reviews at retail, MAM doubled down on its investment in UGC and upgraded the solution to display reviews on its brand site too.

The brand sees an 84% increase in revenue per visitor, a 71% lift in average order value, and 8% conversion lift among visitors who read reviews on MAM’s UK site.

The company knows reviews work and started using them across their marketing campaigns, including social media, emails, and other channels to show off the customer love.

“We’re always looking to do the next best thing and stay ahead of the competition, and UGC has taken our e-commerce success to the next level,” said Smith. “Word of mouth is how our brand grew. Ratings, reviews, and images from customers capture the conversations perfectly.”



MAM UK has more than 40,000 reviews on retail sites from syndication

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MAM combines technological innovation, medical function and contemporary design to develop baby care products that support a baby's development and are used by families in over 60 countries around the world.

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Word of mouth is how our brand grew. Ratings, reviews, and images from customers capture the conversations perfectly.

Daniel Smith

Key Accounts Executive

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