Winning strategies for the modern digital shelf

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    The modern digital shelf is everywhere consumers discover, research, and purchase your products online. And unlocking the power of digital shelf optimization is a surefire way to stand out from your competitors, attract more customers, and increase sales – online and in-store.

    Whether browsing on their phones, using social media, or perusing aisles in brick-and-mortar stores, today’s consumers expect a seamless shopping experience. They need to be able to find your products quickly and be influenced by the content they see on product pages and social media. It’s the key to winning the digital shelf.

    In this webinar, learn how to leverage the right channels with the right content at the right time to match your customers’ needs and expectations at every touchpoint in the buyer journey.

    You will also discover:

    • How to optimize your digital shelf by building a robust online presence with rich product detail pages
    • How to use a content supply chain to keep up with the content needs of your digital shelf
    • How to leverage user-generated content to maintain the freshness, quality, and balance of content for your digital shelf