The convergence of marketing and commerce with Colgate-Palmolive

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    Marketing and commerce are converging. Shopping, both online and offline, is no longer about the transaction — it’s about the overall experience. 98% of consumers now value experience over price, which is why retail and marketing leaders are convening to explore new pathways that deliver seamless and individualized commerce experiences across the different touch points on the customer journey.

    Bazaarvoice and Colgate-Palmolive recently took to the main stage at Commerce Week to present a masterclass on why today’s shoppers desire convenience and comfort at every stage of the customer journey, as well as the commerce efforts B2C and B2B companies are undertaking in an era of new technologies and data.

    Join speakers Doug Straton, Chief Customer Evangelist, Bazaarvoice, and Diana Haussling, VP and General Manager, Consumer Experience and Growth Colgate-Palmolive, for this on-demand masterclass as they discuss:

    • Why bold opportunities requires making bold moves and a strong growth mindset
    • How to build compelling and inspiring customer experiences
    • How to successfully strategize across touchpoints to meet customers where they are