The ultimate guide to social commerce conversion

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    Picture this — and it’s a true story:

    Two brands are in the same industry, selling very similar products. Brand A has double the followers and 4x more site visits than Brand B. But there’s a twist — Brand B has 10x (wow) higher conversions than Brand A. Seems impossible, right?

    Well, we’re spilling the details about how this happened and how you can follow in Brand B’s digital footsteps and get those results, too. Join us as we cover the essential elements of driving social commerce conversion by weaving social content throughout the shopper journey. We arm you with actionable social media strategy tips on how to create inspiring and confidence-building shopping experiences that convert.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

    • Supercharge commerce everywhere with shoppable content — on social, retail, e-commerce, and marketing channels
    • Learn the five steps to building a social-driven commerce strategy
    • Generate social content from creator campaigns and inspire social browsers to become loyal brand buyers
    • Connect the dots between social and e-commerce teams
    • Prove that your social commerce efforts drive revenue for your business — and elevate your value in your organization