Retail Talk w/ Sam’s Club

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  • Summary

    In this webinar, we’ll walk you through:

    • Holiday 2020 takeaways and trends shaping the future shopping behavior of Sam’s Club shoppers
    • Strategies for suppliers to optimize their UGC strategies to achieve multi-channel success in this new fiscal year
    • Recent developments and priorities Sam’s Club has put in place to further lead digital transformation in the retail space
    • Tips to cultivate inspiring and engaging experiences for Sam’s Club shoppers through UGC, with best-in-class examples

    What is Retail Talk?
    This webinar is the first of a new webinar series called, “Retail Talk.” Retail Talk is a Bazaarvoice hosted series where we invite retailers from our vast network to join us for an exclusive interview. Each episode features a key topic in retail such as trends, user-generated content (UGC) strategies, omnichannel marketing, technology, and more. We invite special guests we work with every single day to share their personal insights, providing access to key thought leaders in the space. Come join the conversation!