Navigating the ocean of retail sales: Turning a new brand into a household name

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    Launching a new product line into retail channels is no easy feat. Brands are challenged to prove themselves online before they’re offered that coveted shelf real estate. But when launching new products, how do you turn the tide of awareness? What will drive success and make retailers take notice of your brand?

    Watch the webinar, Navigating the Ocean of Retail Sales: Turning a New Brand Into a Household Name. You’ll get the inside scoop on how The Seaweed Bath Co. successfully launched a new personal care brand through a major retailer. Plus find out how they found particular success influencing sales at major retailers by partnering with Bazaarvoice.

    Get takeaways like:

    • How The Seaweed Bath Co. launched a unique new brand, bridging the gap from online-only to in-store success
    • Ways to influence sales in the retail channel through user-generated content
    • How sampling can provide instant feedback on new and existing products
    • Methods to amplify brand reach by leveraging passionate product advocates