How modern marketing strategies miss the mark for shoppers

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Key takeaways

How to generate on-brand and brand-safe content with social UGC
How top brands are saving time and money with UGC
Commonly believed myths about UGC — which we debunk
How to improve the ROI of your marketing mix strategy
  • Summary

    Too many marketers nowadays are spinning their wheels trying to generate enough content to keep up with consumer demand, spending a huge chunk of the budget on traditional ads alone, all while dealing with tight budgets and lower ROI from paid media. It’s clear these modern marketing strategies are missing the mark for shoppers today.

    So what’s the missing piece? If you guessed user-generated content (UGC), you’re right! This content helps you reach shoppers more effectively and authentically, while supplying you with high-performing content for your entire marketing mix.

    If you want to learn how to drive healthy profit growth, set your brand apart, and foster consumer loyalty — with strategies that actually work — watch this on-demand webinar and unlock the keys to winning hearts in today’s socially active world.