Leveraging UGC and Social Media in Retail

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    Social media. Love it, or hate it. It is here to stay. A way to engage with your customer who is only a tap of their smartphone away. But the medium is a tricky balance and it is essential for retailers to strike the right tone when speaking to their customers via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Tiktok – and each of those platforms have their own dos and don’ts. After all, it only takes a user the swipe of their smartphone to ‘unfollow’ or a few taps to compose a disgruntled message to highlight when you do something wrong.

    It can seem like a minefield for even an established retailer, never mind a new brand starting from scratch. Which is why Bazaarvoice, in association with Essential Retail is bringing you this webinar on how retailers can use social media to truly engage with those social-savvy customers so they return to your brand again and again.

    In this webinar, you will learn:

    • How retailers are innovating with social media to engage customers and increase sales?
    • What are the best practices to build a brand using product reviews and social content?
    • What are micro-influencers and why are they important?
    • Has Covid-19 had an impact on how people use social media and engage with influencers