The future of marketing: creators and communities

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In this webinar, you'll learn how to:

Tap into the creator and community spaces, plus learn the benefits and use cases for each
Craft authentic partnerships that drive genuine connections and skyrocket your brand’s credibility
Drive drive awareness, authenticity, and sales in a cost-effective, engaging way
Get the greatest value from your marketing efforts, backed by new consumer insights from Bazaarvoice
  • Activating the creative forces of content creators and vibrant communities

    In today’s commerce landscape, marketing spend is shifting from paid channels to advocacy and creator programs. As creator marketing grows into a potentially $100 billion industry, brands are turning to everyday shoppers and content creators to generate higher-converting and more engaging shopping experiences.

    Welcome to the future of marketing: the creator economy. Where casual shoppers become loyal advocates, communities become content engines, and brands are seeing higher awareness, engagement, trust, and value.

    Want to stay ahead of the curve? Watch this on-demand webinar for a deep-dive on how to activate the creative forces of content creators and vibrant communities so you can propel your brand to unprecedented heights.

  • Speakers

    Terry Hurlbutt
    Global Head of Community Growth & Engagement
    Rebecca Smith
    VP, Content Acquisition Sales
  • Questions from the live session

    Does UGC fall flat if a person is not included in the picture and it's just a picture of the product?

    Nowadays, consumers want to see and hear from people just like themselves. This personal connection makes shoppers then feel inclined to purchase. In a global study, 93% of respondents said that friends and family are the most trusted sources of information on brands and services. To be clear, “friends and family” extends to online and social media communities. Because in today’s digital landscape, it’s easier than ever to connect with people, especially trusted voices who are just like them.
  • Bazaarvoice Creator Partnerships

    Partner with creators to produce on-brand, high quality social content that authentically amplifies your brand story to their engaged, loyal followings. We’ll help you power consumer discovery through a trusted voice​ and inspirational content.​ Just tell us your content goals, ideal audience, and messaging — we’ll do the rest.
    Creator Partnerships