CashBack Sampling

Sampling without the box

With Bazaarvoice CashBack Sampling, it’s easy to get your products in the hands of target consumers—no matter what you sell. Drive traffic to specific retailers, in-store or online. Generate brand awareness. And get the high-quality consumer content you need to drive sales.

Sample anything

Don’t let hard-to-ship products keep you from getting the review content you need. Sample anything—from bags of dog food and dresses to wine and ice cream.

Bulky items

Products that are too big, too heavy, or just too awkward to ship.


Clothing items that require custom sizes and styles.


Adult beverages that require age verification.


Any food or beverage item that requires refrigeration when shipped.

Get more value with less hassle

Get your product in the hands of target consumers—without postage and tracking numbers.

Drive traffic to retail

Grow your relationship with specific retail partners by sending them more traffic, in-store or online.

Become more eco-friendly

Go green. Cut down on the packaging materials and carbon emissions that shipping product samples requires.

Avoid warehouse stock limits

Use location-based targeting to select consumers that can easily buy your product off-the-shelf at select retailers.

Higher engagement. More ROI.

Here’s how the in-app experience works

Consumer experience matters a lot and can make-or-break sampling participation rates. The Bazaarvoice Influenster app makes opt-ins and redemptions for digital product sampling a piece of cake, so you get the most consumer engagement—and ROI—out of every campaign.

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