Increase channel sales

Get more product UGC in more places that convert

Drive channel sales by putting your best user-generated content (UGC) in front of your customers wherever they are. Syndicate content across our network of more than 2,300+ global retailers. With 20x more shopper traffic than other networks, your content goes miles further. And with insights across our network, you can make your content work harder for you. More retailers. More content. More insights. More revenue.

1.3B+ monthly shoppers

The Bazaarvoice Network

Get more eyes on your content at critical decision-making moments, in the places your customers love to shop. With over 12,000+ brands and retailers and 1.3B monthly shoppers, our Network has depth and breadth no one can match. No matter what industry you sell in, we’ve built retailer relationships to amplify the impact of your reviews and product images. Our retailers see 20x more shopper traffic than other networks, so every bit of your UGC goes further. Reach more shoppers. Sell more online.

Stronger SEO strengthens your business

Google rewards high quality review content. Use content from satisfied customers to maximize your presence and give your site an instant SEO boost.

Your reputation, secured

Not only do we get your UGC in the right places, we make sure it’s authentic and compliant. We use an industry-leading ensemble of machine learning services, backed by a team of 250+ moderators to ensure your content is appropriate and relevant before it’s syndicated.

Bazaarvoice is committed to maintaining an open network

Amplifying authentic reviews to the Bazaarvoice Network of 2,300+ retailers empowers brands to further reach and influence consumers wherever they shop, with trust-building opinions that drive conversion. Through the Bazaarvoice Partner Program, brands working with third-party UGC providers can tap into this same opportunity and syndicate their content into the vast Bazaarvoice Network.

Visual syndication network

Syndicate thumb-stopping visuals to retail websites

Did you know shoppers are up to 6x more likely to buy from a product detail page (PDP) with images from social?

With our Visual Syndication Network, you can collect and syndicate your visual UGC across retail channels, elevating the look and feel of your PDPs and giving shoppers a delightful experience with your brand, no matter where they are. Watch our webinar to learn how to optimize your PDPs for success.

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Make images work harder

Effortlessly expand the reach of your images and social content at retail with the Bazaarvoice Visual Syndication Network. We make it seamless for you to find visual UGC of your products on social media, tag products, and request rights to use the photos on your site and beyond. End to end, we have you covered. Manage every aspect of the content acquisition at scale – discovery, request rights, syndication, reporting – all within the platform. Smarter. Faster.

Thumb-stopping visuals = your sales soar

Want a sure-fire way to increase revenue? Sure you do. Inspire consumers with visual and social content everywhere your products are sold. We see conversion rates increase by up to 150% when shoppers interact with images. Shoppers love to hear and see how others are using your products. Entice your customers with visual user-generated content and drive higher conversions, more time on site, and larger basket sizes. Remember, shopping should be as inspirational as it is transactional!

Supercharge your visual UGC program

Need more content to send to the network? Boost your program with our Sampling solutions. Tap into the Influenster global shopper community of 7.5M+ passionate shoppers, who love nothing more than showcasing their favorite brands and products. Our unparalleled targeting capabilities connect brands to the right samplers and advocates to try products, share authentic reviews, and create social and visual content for you.

By the numbers

Insights at retail

To succeed in a highly competitive marketplace, it’s not enough to know how your products are performing overall. You need to know how they’re performing at a granular level. Enter Insights. We’ll tell you how your products are performing at retail and against your competition. And benchmark performance across the world’s largest retail network. We’ll analyze the data for you, and give you crucial optimization tips. So you don’t need to spend your time bogged down in data.

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Reply everywhere


Shoppers share their opinions and ask questions, no matter where they’re buying. Get alerted when you need to connect to customers and respond. Save time for your team. Meet shoppers expectations for a timely response and close a sale, while also leaving valuable information for the next shopper. It’s a win-win-win.

Reply once, profit twice


Speak your customers’ language

We keep you connected with shoppers globally. Our Review Translations tool lets you translate your reviews into 38 different languages with the click of a button. As many as 40% of customers will not buy if they can’t read content in their language – don’t let that happen on your site. Improving accessibility extends the reach of every single review. Taking SEO and conversion rates to the next level.

Go global

Reach customers worldwide on the Bazaarvoice Network

With 6x more global retailers in our network, take your UGC international. The voice of your customers can reach more shoppers in more places. Meaning you get more eyes on more reviews and on more products. And more opportunities for conversion around the globe. The unmatched expanse of our network means not only does your content go farther, we can give you more insights to act on too.

Increase product discovery

How to leverage review syndication to increase sales

By distributing your UGC to the Bazaarvoice Network of the world’s best brands and retailers, you can reach your customers right where they are. In this e-book we’ll share how syndication works and why it’s so essential for boosting your bottom line.

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