Bazaarvoice HarmonyAI™

The engine powering our AI capabilities across platform.

Our investment in this engine marks our commitment to our clients to deliver the business impact that matters most to you – whether you want more time back, increased sales, or superior insights.

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At Bazaarvoice, we’ve spent almost two decades compiling the largest dataset of shopper content imaginable, making our HarmonyAI engine the most intelligent AI in the space.

Marissa Jones

SVP of Product, Bazaarvoice

The largest dataset of authentic shopper content

The HarmonyAI engine harnesses the immense power of the largest dataset of authentic shopper content available, with over 10 billion pieces of content and counting. This continuously expanding dataset enables HarmonyAI to evolve and become even more intelligent with each passing month.


Unparalleled expertise in understanding commerce

We’ve dedicated over a decade to pioneering AI/ML technology, reshaping how 13,000+ brands and retailers worldwide drive commerce. Our innovative technology has fueled advanced moderation, deeper consumer sentiment insights, and enhanced content syndication, among other benefits. And we’re just getting started.


Uncompromising approach to trust-driven AI

We adhere to strict guiding principles, ensuring transparency, authenticity, privacy, security and user control. No solution is launched without meeting these standards, preserving trust and integrity for both clients and consumers.


Bazaarvoice Summit Session

Using AI strategically and responsibly in your content strategy

This session from Bazaarvoice Summit deep-dives into the state of AI guidance at the regulatory level and how to use the transformative potential of AI to shape your content ecosystem authentically. Plus, learn how artificial intelligence and machine learning are enhancing content moderation. Watch the full episode for more detail on how AI and ML will impact content collection, creation, data analysis, consumer experiences, and workflow streamlining.

Watch the session

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Bazaarvoice HarmonyAI?

    Bazaarvoice HarmonyAI™ is the name of the technology powering our collective AI capabilities across our Bazaarvoice platform.

    Our continued investment in these tools marks our commitment to our clients to deliver the business impact that matters most to you – whether you want more time back, increased sales, or superior insights.

  • Where does Bazaarvoice see AI going in the future?

    Our aim is to create a faster, easier, and smarter future for you, by harmonizing your tech stack and supporting seamless, omnichannel shopping experiences. Brands and retailers can accelerate performance and better connect with their consumers in simpler, more delightful ways, all without compromising brand trust or safety.

  • How does Bazaarvoice uphold responsible AI capabilities?

    With brand trust and consumer safety long at the core of Bazaarvoice’s promise to businesses and consumers alike – we apply AI in our products innovatively, transparently and thoughtfully. Every new HarmonyAI-powered capability undergoes rigorous development.

    We employ a meticulous 4-step experimentation process, led by our team of seasoned AI veterans and leaders with a combined 100 years of experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Before any HarmonyAI-powered capability or solution is released, it is rigorously tested with consumers from a community of 1.5B monthly shoppers and with clients across 13,000 retailers and brands.

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