NEW YORK, NY, July 12, 2022  – Bazaarvoice today announced the launch of the new Influenster app, the online home of a global community of seven million shoppers looking to discover new products and share their authentic experiences. With its proprietary personalization algorithm, the new Influenster app matches shoppers with brands seeking honest feedback on their products through authentic reviews, photos, and videos.  

With an ultra-personalized in-app feed, members can discover brands and products that excite them, and learn more through the experiences shared by other shoppers on the platform. Brands can segment and target audiences via first-party data to drive incentivized word-of-mouth marketing to power their content strategy, while simultaneously reducing their costs of customer acquisition and content production. 

“As retail becomes more consumer-driven, shoppers find what they’re looking for through the power of peer-to-peer exchange, which includes user-generated content (UGC), like ratings, reviews, photos and videos,” said Keith Nealon, CEO, Bazaarvoice. “We’re leading the industry forward with the new Influenster app, creating a global space that’s bigger than ever, where consumers can go to share their thoughts, questions, experiences, and pictures of their favorite brands and products.”

Michelle McAlister, Senior Director of Marketing at PepsiCo said, “There is nothing more valuable than hearing feedback on our products from consumers. Allowing consumers to share their experiences and thoughts on our products with the Influenster community and us is priceless.”

Colby Smith, GM, Content Acquisition Services at Bazaarvoice, says, “In today’s retail landscape where consumer-to-consumer marketing reigns supreme, consumer communities are key because that’s where trusted recommendations are made. According to our research, 78% of shoppers say the #1 most influential factor in driving purchase decisions is an authentic review from another shopper. The Influenster community drives real connectivity between consumers, as well as between consumers and brands.” 

The Influenster app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play today. 

About Bazaarvoice

Thousands of the world’s leading brands and retailers trust Bazaarvoice technology, services, and expertise to drive revenue, extend reach, gain actionable insights, and create loyal advocates. Bazaarvoice’s extensive global retail, social, and search syndication network, product-passionate community, and enterprise-level technology provide the tools brands and retailers need to create smarter shopper experiences across the entire customer journey.

Founded in 2005, Bazaarvoice is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with offices in North America, Europe, and Australia. For more information, visit

About Influenster

Influenster is a global community of 7+ million shoppers looking to sample new products and share experiences across many passion areas. Influenster’s mission is to help consumers find their next favorite product with a perfect blend of personalized product discovery and real, unbiased reviews.

The Influenster app provides convenient access for members to try recommended products, share opinions, leave text, photo, and video reviews, as well as to connect with shopping enthusiasts and  brands.   

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