AUSTIN, Texas, April 17, 2018 — Bazaarvoice, Inc., the provider of consumer-generated content (CGC), advertising and personalization solutions, today released the Shopper Experience Index. Based on data from 2,600 client sites in the Bazaarvoice Network, a survey of more than 400 brand and retail clients, and a global survey of more than 2,000 consumers, The Shopper Experience Index reveals the role CGC plays in the modern shopper experience, the importance of making meaningful connections with consumers, and what e-commerce strategies brands and retailers are prioritizing in 2018.

Upon analyzing Bazaarvoice Network data comprised of 5.4 billion monthly product page views and over 61 million pieces of CGC submitted in 2017, the Shopper Experience Index reveals that brands and retailers who make CGC available to shoppers achieved on average 106 percent conversion lift, 19 percent site-wide revenue lift and 119 percent lift in revenue per visitor. Additionally, Bazaarvoice found that:

  • CGC has accelerated the transition to omnichannel: Nearly half of Bazaarvoice clients now expect CGC to impact in-store sales, up from one-third in 2016
  • Mobile shopping is the center of modern shopping: More than 50 percent of product display page views now occur on mobile devices
  • Visual content is becoming increasingly influential to shoppers: On best-in-class client sites, engagement with visual CGC drives 180 percent revenue per visitor lift, up 55 percent from 2016

With CGC integral to the shopper experience, brands and retailers are leveraging the voice of the customer in various ways to connect with them more meaningfully. Bazaarvoice found that best-in-class brands and retailers answer customer questions, place CGC at multiple touchpoints in the customer journey, and use CGC as a valuable source of feedback.

  • Conversations make the difference: The role of question-and-answer content in purchase influence has continued to grow, now reaching 110 percent conversion lift, up from 100 percent in 2016
  • Syndication is key to putting CGC at every step of the shopper experience: Retailers in the Bazaarvoice Network are increasingly relying on brands to supply content, with an average of 60 percent of content on retail websites now coming from brands
  • CGC creates a real-time consumer feedback loop: 64 percent of Bazaarvoice clients use CGC to improve products by doing things like adding features or addressing quality flaws

To complement the full report, Bazaarvoice also released a report detailing the client survey results, a gap analysis that compares consumer expectations with what brands and retailers are delivering, and a collection of deep dives into specific industry verticals. To view and download the full Shopper Experience Index and its supporting assets, visit:

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