Bazaarvoice Connections

Influence sales. Protect reputation. Gain insights.

Respond to shopper questions and reviews across our network of leading retail sites.

Bazaarvoice lets brands connect with shoppers on retailer sites — during the critical point of purchase. We help brands answer shopper questions and respond to product reviews - right where consumers shop.

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Respond to questions

Answer shopper questions on your product pages with the expertise only your brand can provide.

Connect with shoppers

Respond to customer reviews and gain valuable product insights.

How does Bazaarvoice Connections work?

It’s easy to join in the conversation with consumers.


Shopper asks a question or writes a review on a retailer website.


Brand provides authoritative response to customer questions and reviews from our dynamic portal interface.


Shopper is alerted of brand response and is able to make informed purchase decisions.


Personalized interactions are displayed and become essential resources for future shoppers.

Benefits to brands

Increase sales by giving shoppers the answers they need to make decisions.

Reach scores of future shoppers researching your products.

Connect to consumers in real time at retail sites in our network where your products are sold.

Respond to reviews to protect brand reputation and encourage advocates.

Featured retailers

Just a sampling of the 200+ retailers in the Bazaarvoice Connections network.

Chances are, your products are sold at one or several of our client retailers.
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Connections packages

Connections Basic (free)

Answer shopper questions and view up to 25 customer reviews across all participating retailers in the Bazaarvoice network.

Note: After you sign up for the FREE Connections Basic program, you will be automatically eligible to upgrade to Connections Premium.

Connections Premium

Respond to shopper questions and reviews across all participating retailers. Our technology finds the most important reviews across the Bazaarvoice network and surfaces them in one inbox to make it easy to
respond and learn.

What our clients are saying

The value of customer engagement


average conversion lift when shoppers engage in Q&A on major retail sites.1

Online shoppers find answers from brand experts


than answers from consumers. They want to hear from you.

Shopper intent to purchase


when seeing a brand’s response to a negative review versus a negative review by itself.


of answers brand experts provide are not already in the product marketing copy. Fill in the gaps.2

1Bazaarvoice retail study, 2013; 2 PricewaterhouseCoopers, Bazaarvoice research

About Bazaarvoice
and Connections

Our platform hosts billions of authentic ratings and reviews and questions and answers on nearly 2,000 retail and brand websites globally. Connections puts your brand into those conversations.

How Bazaarvoice Connections works

Connections is an online portal where brands can access and respond to aggregated consumer questions and reviews across retail partner sites in one interface.

Value and
sales impact

Interacting with shoppers at the point of purchase, through Q&A and responses to negative reviews, brings substantial lift to conversion and intent to purchase.

case studies

Learn how brands like yours use Connections to increase sales, protect brand reputation, encourage advocates and use valuable insights to transform their business.