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Quiz sees a 154% increase in conversion rates with onsite social galleries

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the retailer to shift focus to its online store and create a more shoppable customer journey across all social channels.

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Get more brand awareness, engagement, and revenue from online channels after consumer behaviors shifted during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Leverage Bazaarvoice’s suite of social products, like scheduling, Like2Buy, and Galleries, to create completely shoppable social feeds, emails, and product galleries.


A 276% increase in time on site, 23% higher average order value and a 154% increase in conversion rates to orders influenced by Bazaarvoice.


higher average order value

for orders influenced by Bazaarvoice

Quiz, the global leader in fashionable apparel was founded in 1993 and today have 107 stores and 114 concessions worldwide. Due to the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, the retailer needed to make the online shopping experience more interactive and shoppable across its online store and social channels to reach an international audience.

The brand started working with Bazaarvoice on a user-generated content (UGC) strategy in early 2019. This meant that in 2020 whilst, along with other retailers, Quiz was forced to close due to government mandates, it was ahead of the game – it already knew that customer-created images saw higher engagement and immediately realized it needed to rely more heavily on these impactful customer images and other visual UGC to sell clothing.

A big audience can be a big challenge

It can be challenging for retailers with such a large target audience like Quiz to curate social media feeds and galleries that appeal to all types of shoppers. However, Quiz was able to almost immediately overcome this by already having a great UGC-collection program in place.

When it shifted to focus more on e-commerce, Quiz reposted UGC in the form of images on its social feed and website, and showcased outfits for all types of customers. Because shoppers couldn’t come into stores during the pandemic, being able to show them what a particular dress would look like on a body similar to theirs was extremely important to Quiz.

“​​UGC helps us showcase our products to a big target market that includes younger consumers, older consumers, and people of different body shapes and sizes. We want to show how someone younger could look wearing the product, but then also how it can be styled on an older consumer,” said Megan Ashurst, Senior Social Media Executive at Quiz.

Another challenge the brand faced was creating social media feeds that were completely shoppable storefronts for a more seamless customer journey.

To do so it relied on Like2Buy, Bazarvoice’s tool for turning your Instagram images into shoppable products. With the tool, Quiz was able to create shoppable links in its social media bios. So when Quiz would post a photo, the call to action would tell users to click “link in bio” to shop the outfit, and then direct users to product pages on Quiz’s website where they could purchase the clothing.

“We use Bazaarvoice to make our user-generated content as shoppable as possible, to enhance our customer experience on our social media channels, and to showcase content that’s relatable to our customers on our social feeds and galleries on our website,” said Ashurst.

As stores reopened, Quiz also relied on sales associates to help people try on clothes. Then, the associates took pictures of their expertly styled outfits and uploaded them to social media to give followers an experience similar to shopping in-store.

Quiz Instagram image of dress

Shopability across all channels

Before using Like2Buy, it was difficult for the Quiz team to track revenue from Instagram effectively. Now, with the Like2Buy tool, the team can log into Bazaarvoice’s platform each day and instantly see social revenue and engagement from the past seven days. It’s really as simple as that.

“We now have a better way to understand ROI. We measure that through how much we’re spending on influencer and photoshoot content and then look at the revenue that was generated on that content,” said Ashurst.

Quiz uses the social media content from customers not only on its own social feed and webpage galleries but also across other critical touchpoints of the customer journey, like email.

“I think UGC on our feeds and gallery improves the customer experience by showcasing relatable content,” said Ashurst.

The brand has found that customers are excited to have their images on Quiz’s social feeds, website, and email. Quiz always asks permission before using images and says that around 8 out of every 10 people they ask say yes.

#quizqueen gallery

Galleries bring a 154% increase in conversion rates

Today, visual UGC from social channels is extremely valuable for Quiz to increase brand awareness, acquire customers, build on its loyal customer base, and get customer feedback on products. To further boost this, the brand implemented Galleries, so it could aggregate visual and social content to be displayed across its website and social channels.

Quiz has also noticed that customers are much more engaged since it started focusing on more shoppable feeds.

“The key thing this did for our customers was improving the shopping experience allowing them to be able to navigate our shop more easily,” said Ashurst.

Since using UGC Galleries on its website, Quiz has seen a 276% increased time on site, a 23% higher average order value, and a 154% increase in conversion rates.

“Bazaarvoice is a must-have for any social team to streamline your processes and also to have immediate access to key analytics to be reactive,” said Ashurst.

Learn more about how social UGC tools like Galleries can help you increase engagement and revenue.




higher average order value

for orders influenced by Bazaarvoice

About the company

Quiz was founded in 1993 and began trading with 3 stores in Scotland. The business model proved extremely successful, and more stores have since been opened year on year. Quiz has now grown to over 250 stores and concessions. The online store was launched in 2005 and has grown to become an important part of the retailer’s omnichannel operation.

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Bazaarvoice is a must-have for any social team to streamline your processes and also to have immediate access to key analytics to be reactive.

Megan Ashurst

Senior Social Media Executive at Quiz

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