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Welcome to Walmart's consumer-generated-content sharing program. Below, you will find additional information on each component of the exclusive program. Just provide your information in the form below and a Bazaarvoice representative will reach out to help you get started.


Brand Answers

Answer Questions

Nobody knows your products like you, and consumers value that knowledge. Increase sales by answering shopper questions related to your products on Walmart US with the expertise that only you can provide.


Collect and Share Reviews

Consumers rely on authentic ratings and reviews to give them the confidence to purchase your products. This trusted content drives sales, decreases product returns, improves brand reputation and builds consideration for your brand.

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Collect and Share Visual Content

Inspire shoppers by bringing curated visual content into the purchase path, and create a compelling shopping experience that increases engagement and sale conversion directly on product pages.

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Review Response

Respond to Reviews

Boost your brand’s reputation by responding to customer to reviews, whether negative or positive, and show future shoppers that you value their opinions.

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Powered by Bazaarvoice

Bazaarvoice is the world's largest network of active shoppers, connecting more than one-half billion consumers to thousands of retailers and brands that represent tens of millions of products and services. Online, in-store, and on mobile devices, Bazaarvoice's technology platform engages consumers, increases sales, and protects loyalty through authentic ratings and reviews, Q&A, and brand-relevant photos, videos, and social posts. Interactions across the Bazaarvoice network yield insights on past, present, and future shopping behavior, enabling marketers to identify competitive advantage.

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