Each year Bazzarvoice awards companies for making innovative achievements using the voice of the consumer.

The 2015 Content Newbie Award goes to Worx, an outdoor equipment and toolmaker.

Lawn and garden equipment maker WORX has experienced fast growth since it’s 2004 creation, and stores carrying its products include Lowe’s, Walmart and Costco.

While WORX’s success has been impressive, consumer preferences change rapidly in the modern era’s hyper-competitive environment. And brand loyalty is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Using the power of customer reviews, however, WORX is keeping customers happy while improving its products.

Innovative ways that WORX harnesses the power of reviews includes customer post-interaction emails and sweepstakes asking for reviews, as well asking customers for reviews for while they’re on hold with customer services.

WORX has also incorporated customer reviews including in research, development and manufacturing departments, and its customer service department has began responding to reviews online.

These efforts are working, as WORX is seeing increases in conversions and is stealing digital share from its competitors.

To learn more about WORX and our other 2015 Award winners, please visit our Summit webpage.

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