Harness the power of your customer’s digital voice

In a world where your entire marketing mix is changing, one of the most powerful emerging tools is the earned media of your customer’s voice.

As consumers are being exposed to hundreds, if not thousands, of paid-for marketing messages a day, the importance of trust has emerged as a competitive differentiator for brands.

Consider this: as a consumer on a path to purchase, would you believe the promises of the biggest spender on paid media, or the honest feedback of your peers?

Simplicity and honesty are now crucial factors in making consumers trust in a product or a service, and in a socially-driven world those voices are amplified to the benefit, or sometimes detriment, of brands. The challenge for marketers, then, is to harness that feedback and leverage its huge brand value potential.

That was the basis for a new survey by Brand Republic and Bazaarvoice, a global ratings and reviews software provider, who asked over 100 marketers about their customer engagement and advocacy strategies.

The findings formed the basis of a webcast, which aired on 2 May 2013 and provided additional insight that has been captured in this expert report.

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