#Unfiltered: How to empower customers to tell your story with visual commerce

7 best practices for using real pictures from real people to improve the customer experience

With the continued growth of social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, it’s getting easier for consumers to share their unfiltered experiences — and for brands and retailers to join the conversation.

Savvy brands and retailers have started taking advantage of this by pulling customer pictures onto their websites and into their social feeds.

As a practice, it’s called visual commerce and it enriches the customer experience by giving shoppers an unvarnished, authentic look at what products look like in the real world. For brands and retailers, the promise is strong: Your story, brought to life by your customers unfiltered. 

And it works...

Watch the replay of this webinar to learn about the 7 key steps to empower customers to tell yours story with visual commerce.


During this webinar, we'll cover:

  • how to start the conversation with your customers (and build an audience)
  • how to maximise the impact of visual commerce on your sales
  • how to think of visual commerce as an extension of your marketing team
  • and other personal tips

#Unfiltered: How to empower customers to tell your story with visual commerce

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