Protecting the integrity of consumer reviews

Reviews hold enormous value for both consumers and companies—but only if they are authentic. People don’t want just a product or service, they want an experience that is honest and transparent. That means businesses have a responsibility to safeguard the authenticity of the reviews people depend on to make informed purchase decisions. Have you taken the right steps to help consumers identify which reviews are truly authentic and worthy of their consideration?

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Protecting the integrity of consumer reviews


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7 out of 10 US and UK consumers have questioned the trustworthiness of reviews on the web
71% of shoppers read consumer reviews before making a purchase
48% of US & 53% of UK consumers are concerned that companies remove negative reviews
29% of US consumers & 23% of UK consumers will not buy from websites that do not display appropriate trustmarks
49% of US consumers would trust reviews more if they knew that fraud detection tech was used
20% of US consumers are concerned that someone other than the author can edit reviews

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